Fluorescenses of the Dark December

November and December days equal for a very dark season in Berlin. You wake up in the night, then work, then it’s night again. People have different ideas how to counteract the winter sleep and the tiresome feeling, and for me resorting to the overwhelming culture and events in Berlin seems to play the trick.

This year I have absolutely fell in love with the neon lights and the overall psychodelic atmosphere of the colourful Christmas markets, especially the one based in a normally very lonely and grey corner of Jannowitzbruecke. What a change, and for some reason it was synchronised very well with the premiere of the new Gaspar Noe’s movie ‘Love’ in 3D, and even more with his memorable ‘Enter the Void’.

Similarly as last year, there were also a few memorable Boiler Rooms in town lately: starting from the 5th anniversary of the programme, through 29th Nov anniversary29th Nov anniversary to Bas Mooy, SNTS and Samuel Kerridge.

Last but not least, like always in December, I joined Feed Frequencies event in KW Institut of Art for a very special, pre-Christmas electronic Feierabend. Cosy matrresses, candles and clicks and snares made by Scott Monteith from Deadbeat and Prequel Tapes made it for a very special night.

So there are various ways to close off the year, and after some very intense weeks at work and in Berlin in general, I leave for a long-awaited natural retreat miles away, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on the remote islands of Cape Verde. Stay tuned for more news on Lusofonetica very soon next year. Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins Neues Jahr!