Don’t forget to go home

It is not absolutely necessary to wait for the weekend when in Berlin. Often during the week even more interesting things are happening: for instance, the Boiler Room session which took place in Stattbad only last Wednesday. Totally acceptable to the civilised-schedule and rather sober techno-aficionados as it started off as early as 8 pm. There are regular parties happening early-Wednesday-mornings or Sunday-late-afternoon.

There is obviously more craziness going on, but comparing with the past years of the techno evolution (some 20 years ago), Berlin seems like a tranquility mecca, at the same time being not losing its glory of the island of creativity. I have gathered  some of the documentary movies picturing the milestones of the city’s history watched through the darkened techno lenses:

Technocity Berlin – epic documentary from the 90s (in German)

Children of Berlin – what was then – this is now

Don’t forget to go home – a short history of Berghain, or rather formerly Ostgut

Watergate X – a journey to one of the weekends at the Spree bank’s famous location…

Meanwhile, the spring has come slowly, but surely and the bleakness of the city seems to be washed away with the rays of sun. And I am so much looking forward to wearing sunglasses not only at night.


Feierabends und Boiler Rooms

I will definitely try to dedicate quite a lot of space here for the subjective Berliner nightlife review. The topic goes well with the season’s changes: shorter days, longer nights. Even if it doesn’t really matter if the party takes place when the sun rises or goes down.

The fame of 24/72h-lasting parties in different, quirky spots of the city reflects the blurry reality, even if in a distorted mirror. And its variety is simply overwhelming!

To start off I would love to share the yesterday’s Boiler Room session which takes place quite often here. Enjoy your Feierabend!