Berliner Ring – colloquial name for the orbital motorway around the city of Berlin, aka A10 or Autobahn 10.

Berliner Ringbahn – railway line of the capital’s S-Bahn network, around the city centre.



A thought about starting this blog appeared almost immediately after I relocated  to Berlin in October 2014. I like writing, capturing the moment and sharing.

Before, I have been living in various locations. Born and raised in Poznan, Poland, I spent most of my adult life between Portugal, Brazil and Spain (Barcelona, to be precise). Now I have taken a new professional challenge and followed my gut feeling that Berlin indeed is the place to be for me! So let me circle around the most interesting happenings of this exciting city from my very subjective point of view (suffering from the fear of missing out syndrome, so bear with me). I also created a subsection of the blog Beyond Berliner Ring. I love travelling and Berliners do too, no matter how much they love their city. Convenient location within maximum 3 hours of flight from all the tips of the European continent, with 2 airports (and another infamous one being a special case of Berliner ‘Sagrada Familia’ construction type opening erm… soon) and similarly convenient trains, bus, motorways or even bikelanes (will be soon testing out the one connecting Polish border and the one leading to Copenhagen at some point, too!).

Some Berlin-related posts can be found also on my blog dedicated for the Portuguese-speaking countries, Lusofonetica.

Please bear in mind that all the texts and photos posted on this website are created by myself, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use any of them, please contact me directly. Otherwise you will violate the intellectual property law, which I take pretty seriously.


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