Another interesting week has passed in the Augenblick, as would Germans poetically call ‘the moment’. As I am happy enough to live just between the most interesting spots of Friedrichshein, Mitte and Kreuzberg, I decided to visit the mysteriously-named Radialsystem V. This former water pumping station turned in 2006 to a ‘creative space for arts and ideas’.


Yesterday I went to one of the Um:Laut sessions – dedicated to experimental music with the presence of British pianist Tom Hodge and producer Max Cooper. In the first part they both presented works from the ‘Piano Interrupted’ and ‘Fragmented Self’ EPs, and in the second part, Max Cooper debuted with his world premiere of the ‘Emergence’ visual performance. While the first part was full of experimental piano-electronic klang, the second part was a 90 minutes DJ & VJ set. Even though I’d probably cut out all of the dubstep-ish parts from the ‘Emergence’, I have to admit I was struck by the logic, story and musical vs. visual diversity. The logic of the visual was representing the chemical participles as a part of the universe, cities and human bodies, that eventually coexist and create one living mechanism.




The radiant-looking Radialsystem V last night seemed to perfectly match its surroundings: Spree river, the moon and the first spring time night in the city. As far as I am concerned, Radialsystem V is famous for hosting multiple pieces of the renowned dancing company from Berlin: Sasha Waltz and Guests but also, various workshops dedicated to the contemporary dance and expression.



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