Don’t walk. Dance!

The very first profession I ever wanted to be was some sort of a ballerina. As soon as I started moaning about it to my parents when I was around 5 or 6 years old, my rational mother confronted me with the fact that I would substantially need to change my diet habits to pursue my dream destination. My motivation level was close to 0 already, but meeting a ballet teacher at an actual interview convinced my 6-year-old-self that maybe I shouldn’t necessarily take this direction. I ended up in quite an unusual experimental school where we expressed ourselves through art in a broad sense and shaped me greatly.

I eventually ended up doing something completely different, but the joint passion for music and motion made me a good customer of contemporary dance theatres and studios’ performances. Last week I could follow Tanztage (literally Dance Days) in Sophiensaele – a bunch of new, international modern dance productions. Some remarkable and funny including Lea Moro’s Baller for a Single Body interpreting classical Le Sacre du Printemps and Adriana Seecker’s Meet Me As a Stranger.

This made me investigate a little bit more about the Berliner contemporary dance scene, and actually made me think I could  come back to dancing. Just for fun, to please my inner child in me? 30 cms above the sidewalks, let’s put on the red shoes and don’t walk, dance.



3 thoughts on “Don’t walk. Dance!

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